I can’t believe I just figured this out!

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You may already have done this, but it is new to me!  My family loves my meatloaf, meatballs, etc.. but I HATE mixing all the ingredients with my hands, I just don’t like to touch raw meat.  My Mum always mixed it by hand and never complained about it which make me feel like I might be whining about something so small, but maybe it isn’t small at all;.  Perhaps there are lots of you out there that feel like I do…raw meat…ewwwww!  You would think that food safe gloves would be on my shopping list at all times, but I honestly never remember to look for them when I shop.  I have in desperation used my stand mixer, and it works great sans extra clean up it requires.   So………… after staring down my meatloaf mixture, pre-mixing, the other day, it came to me!  Hefty, Hefty, Hefty….yes a gallon sized zipping plastic bag!

I placed all the ingredients in the bag, squeezed out all the air and sealed it!  Once sealed I just squished and mixed to my hearts content and you know what, it worked!  I am so excited that I will never have to touch this meat mix again….not have to worry about cross contamination…at least when I make meatloaf!  Look how nicely it mixed up….

Tell me now, I can take it…. did you already know this bag trick?  If not, how do you currently mix up ground meat mixtures?

By the way, the recipe I use for my meatloaf is here.  I always tweek the recipe one way or another, but one thing never changes, I always top it with a coating of ketchup and a good sprinkling of parmesan cheese prior to baking, just like my Mum did.

Enjoy your clean hands!!

— Deedee

An Addiction?

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Yes, I am talking about Pinterest.  Are you with me on this one?  Honestly I was just going to be quick on the computer this time, just check email and then go be productive (did you just chuckle?).   I am struggling with that thing, you know, the inner voice…..stop, get up, turn it off, you have things to do and places to be, the cat is hungry!  Ok, ok, I’ll stop pinning…wait, oh look at that, I have to pin it and learn how to make it and oh yum, gooey brownies and watermelon pops…PIN!  I am laughing as I pen this because I know I must sounds so silly, how can someone just want to browse a bulletin board for so long (hours and hours?), but I know I cannot be alone, it isn’t possible…RIGHT?  I need some reassurance here…shout out if you, like me, feel you might need a Pintervention!

On the serious side, not that addiction isn’t serious, there are so many ideas and so many wonderful people willing to share their knowledge and experiences it hard to pull away from it and actually work on a project, isn’t it?  Maybe I will set my kitchen timer to limit my time.  How do you do it?

Do you have a favorite area of interest that you find yourself pinning the most?  I just noticed yesterday that I pin A LOT of things to my FOOD Board….oh that reminds me, I need to go start something for dinner! This definately calls for


— Deedee