Gotta Love a Front Porch

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I have always loved my front porch.  Just sitting and listening to the birds whether it be morning with coffee or evening with something else …. it is so peaceful.  I was at Ikea in the middle of this past winter with my niece and we came across their LIL curtains.  These are extra wide and extra long and and come 2 panels in a package for $4.99 (I know you just fell over)…we both said at the same time they would be perfect for a porch, so we both purchased some.  I bought five packages, 10 panels along with a couple packages of ikea curtain wire to hang them.   I have had these tucked away in a drawer in my sewing room since January-ish, often dreaming of how it may look after I hand them…but no more dreaming, today was the day to hang them! I love using the curtain wire from Ikea, it is fairly quick to install and easy peasy to use; it has so many uses.  I used this curtain wire to hang the fort curtains on the bunk bed in the Mario room I posted not long ago. You will need a drill and 6 flat top tapered screws for each curtain wire.  I don’t understand why Ikea doesn’t include the screws, it would really make life easier.

The wire is 197″ long so you can really cover a good sized area or cut it with wire snips for a smaller area. With one extra piece which is sold separately, you can go around a corner with it too.  Unfortunately, I didn’t measure right and need to go back for another wire set..ho hum.. At least it did go up easy…this is the first piece

This is my porch before the curtains and a bit of tjuzsing..(yes that’s a word)

Now after..


It feels so cozy when I sit there now…I cannot wait to get the end curtain up…

I love the texture of the panels…they are kind of a netting look.  I hope it will reduce the hornet and mosquito activity on the porch a bit…

Oh and the entire time I was working out there I had a Momma Robin screeching at me because she built her next here:

I still have to complete the other side of the porch…but her nest in on the porch light on that side so I may just wait until her little ones hatch and learn to fly away…


— Deedee

Yard Sale!

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I have decided that this year is going to be my year of great yard sale finds.  Even more than finding a bargain, I love the hunt for the perfect piece.  There is nothing like the feeling of finding just the right item and grabbing it before someone else recognizes it’s beauty.  Oh but let’s not be fooled, beauty is in the eye of the beholder isn’t it?  One person’s trash is another person’s treasure and all those old sayings.  But, isn’t it true?  I can point something out to my daughter saying ohhhhhh look at this, all I would have to do is paint it or wouldn’t it look great if I put it in a certain room  ….  and she looks at it all I can see is that disapproving highly lifted eyebrow while she belts our a resounding NO!  Sometimes I do take her advice and walk away and other times I say ohhhh you’ll see, once I touch it up or re-purpose it, repair it or re-do it, you will love it… and sometimes she actually does!  Honestly though, I know this is my year of great finds, I can just feel it!  Look what I found today…

Isn’t she pretty? I love the detail of the caned back…

The curved arm…

It tilts, it rolls, it’s in great condition! Now I have to decide if I should paint it a shabby chic slightly distressed white or leave it as is and just clean it up. I know whichever way this will be the most fabulous chair for my home office.

What would you do with it? Paint it or leave it? If you painted it what color would you use?  I could see it in a black, a grey, a light green…the options are endless, aren’t they? Oh, and the price, $10!  I almost fell over, I couldn’t even offer her less!!  It is by far a great first yard sale find of the year!!

What have you found so far?



— Deedee