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One of the things I love to do is visit estate sales, yard sales and re-sale shops.  If you can look beyond current condition and the current purpose of things you can find great treasures! The one thing I won’t buy is anything musty or with mold on it, I always give items the sniff test in several places before purchasing.  When “sniffing” I often find people looking at me oddly, but I don’t think you can really kill mold or clean the piece sufficiently for an allergy household.

At one estate sale I visited I was lucky enough to spot a 1960’s (ish) french country table and chair set at a reasonable price (and then haggle a bit for an even better price) and have finally set out to “re-do” it.  I needed a chair for a guestroom of ours that was named “the princess room” by my 5 year old granddaughter as it has lots of pink and whimsy in it and decided to use one of the chairs from the set I purchased.  Here is the before photo…

As lovely as it is in it’s current 1960’s circa color I decided to give it a more modern look with a dark gray paint.  I also purchased a hot pink thick wale corduroy to recover the seat.  I had my reservations about re-covering the seat since it has curved areas and I had never done a seat before this project…but hey, hard doesn’t mean impossible and if you think you can..well give it a go!   Here is the after photo:

Oh that doesn’t look like corduroy you say?  Bingo!  So, this is what I learned…don’t use wide wale corduroy on your first try at creating a curvy seat cover with cording around the edge, because if you do you will break all your currently owned sewing machine needles in less than 10 minutes!  Not to mention that it was so thick in the corners I couldn’t see what I was doing!   After taking a frustration break and replenishing my needle supply,  I remembered I had purchased some softer pink burlap at one of my favorite fabrics stores, where everything is $1.99 a yard!   Ahhhh, this fabric was much much easier to work with.  I used the same seat that was on the chair after removing the old fabric and adding a new layer of batting to give it extra cushion.   I am very happy with the way it turned out and LOVE it in “the princess room”…now if I could just finish the room itself…distractions be gone!


— Deedee

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