When is a Bunkbed not a Bunkbed?

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When it’s a fort!  I have two guest rooms in my home and one has been officially named the “Mario” room by our grandchildren, Aiden (7) and Olivia (5).   I found and ordered some wall decals from Amazon that I used on the walls to create the Super Mario themed room as requested by Aiden.   It took me well over 6 months to finally decorate the room with them, but when I did, it was easy peasy, kids love it and they look great!  Here is how we did it:

First, we washed the walls…yes “we” (why, I asked them should Gram have all the fun?)… and they actually didn’t hate doing it.

Then we put up the decals…. and then

finished the second wall, put together the bunkbeds and added curtains from Ikea

Now, to the Fort….

I purchase a twin size duvet cover for $12.99 from Ikea and used just half of it to sew up two curtains of equal size.   We then attached them to the inside of the top bunkie boards using a handy hanging system from (yup again) Ikea. I love Ikea; can you tell? Using the duvet cover was less expensive than purchasing another set of curtains and I have so much left over I can make pillows or pillow cases or both!  The room is coming together and our grandchildren love it.  It is cozy during the day…

or night….

I purchased some wall scones with clouds on them for each bunk at Ikea and placed them at a height each child could reach as they love reading just before falling asleep.  They are such cute lights and the clouds on them remind me of the Super Mario game.  I still want to make an area rug for the floor (I have some ideas but not sure how to make them work yet) and paint with chalkboard on the wall you can’t see in the photos.  Is a room ever really done? Maybe not, but this one is good to go for now and the grandkids love their fort… Aiden suggested I think about making and hanging curtains from the ceiling for the top bunk too….yup, I was thinking the same thing!!  I might have to teach them to sew!


— Deedee

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