Let’s Eat Cake(pops)

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I was recently asked to make some cakepops for Yarnia, an awesome local yarn shop participating in the RHODY Yarn Crawl.  What would be better than something sheepish to “shear”?  Yes, I say this a bit sheepishly… But seriously, I found Sheep Cakepops from Bakerella and fell in love with them!   Oh, you know I had to try them and well……

I added some other Sheep Shapes and Yarn CakePops and TahDah… they came out pretty good… not Bakerella good, but Deedee GreenStreet good.


The sheep in the top of the photo above is dipped in coconut. The sheep to the left  is my interpretation of the ones I saw made by Bakerella.  The sheep on the bottom right has pieces of mini marshmallows under the chocolate.

The owner of Yarnia was very happy with them and hopefully there won’t be many of the 60 CakePops left after the Yarn Crawl.  Hmmm, a Yarn Crawl, perhaps a great way to unwind after a long day… hehehe…Now off to clean my baking mess in the kitchen..ho hum where is the kitchen fairy when you need her?

Oh and if you are ever in the area of Woonsocket, RI please do visit this wonderful Yarn Shop.  Yarnia offers all sorts of yarns, weaving looms, spinning supplies and accessories!  I have posted a tidbit of what they offer in the photo below….


— Deedee