Itty Bitties

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I opened my fridge today and was visually reminded that I had leftovers from a recent cake-pop order to use up.  I immediately thought small, and well, big…big idea, small results, which I will fondly call, itty bitties,….tiny little cake-pops…why not?  They aren’t fancy (give me time)..but I do like them.  I like the size, they are cute and I felt much less guilt eating them than the bigger cake-pops.  I think there is a place for these in the world of dessert.  See for yourself..aren’t they adorably sized?

I replaced the lollipop sticks with toothpicks and made the balls much smaller, maybe 3/4″ or so.  One bite or two, these Itty Bitties are just the right size to enjoy without much guilt (and a fresh cup of coffee)!

Oh, and yes,  I ate the ones in the photo above…vanilla with vanilla buttercream and chocolate with vanilla cinnamon buttercream… they were yummy… uh, someone had to do it for the sake of the photo!  Oh the sacrifices….


— Deedee

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