What’s for Dinner?

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It’s the dreaded daily question isn’t it?  I am not a planner, never been good at that.  Daily as the clock draws nearer to the dinner hour, my palms get a little sweaty, I get that little panicky feeling that a non-planner gets when she is expected to have a meal on the table and has no idea what to make.   Oh how I admire the people who can plan, like my friend Sue.  Sue makes a meal plan for each week and writes her grocery list based on the ingredients she will need.  The first time I saw her do this, I was amazed that someone could actually be so organized!  It just isn’t me, I am right brained, creative, unorganized and stress at thought of a schedule.  My style is more of the mad dash style….what should I make and what, oh what, do I have that I can pull together that doesn’t look like I just pulled it together?  The other day, right around 4p.m. I started my dash.  I found, ground meat (yes it’s turkey, but please don’t tell my husband or daughter, I have to tell them it’s beef…I will save that story for another blog entry), half a bag of shredded cheese, a tomato, lettuce, half an onion, pinto beans, cumin (lots of cumin to hide the color of the turkey) and 2 flour tortillas.  Now to pull it together of course I thought of tacos but with only 2 tortillas, what could I do…?

I swear there is a mile high pile of lettuce under there!  To make the shells I found two similarly sized pyrex like bowls and turned them upside down on a parchment lined baking sheet then brushed them very lightly with olive oil (you could use cooking spray) I then draped one tortilla over each bowl, again lightly brushing the outside of the tortilla with olive oil and lightly sprinkling some of my favorite spices around them.  I based the size of the bowl on the size of my tortillas so that they would drape to the bottom of the bowl.  I baked the shells in the oven at 350 until they were lightly browned and crispy.   After cooling, I filled them with lots of lettuce along with tomato and onion, a spoonful of pinto beans and my cumin seasoned ground meat, cheese, olives and salsa.   I didn’t even feel guilty eating the baked shell!  Now I am thinking, what if I used a cookie cutter and made the tortilla pieces smaller and draped them using an overturned muffin pan?  Endless possibilities are popping into my head right now, appetizer sized taco salads, meatball bowls topped with parmesan cheese or before baking sprinkle them with cinnamon sugar and when cooled fill with ice cream, warm fruit, pudding or ……….?? I can’t tell you what I will fill mine with next time, that would be planning and as good as my intentions might be…I’ll just say I know who I am…

What would you put in your tortilla shell?

— Deedee

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